Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking for Easy-to-Print Awards? Try My Award Maker

It's the end of the school year and award season is upon us. This is the time when teachers and schools look for ways to recognize their students' accomplishments with field trips, ceremonies, graduations...and awards.

What is it?

My Award Maker is a free and very easy website that allows you to download and print personalized awards for your students and colleagues. This site takes the hassle out of using programs like Microsoft Publisher because the template is completely finished--all you have to do is enter the name of the recipient!

How do I make an award?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose an award category and find an award you'd like to use
  3. Download the Award
  4. Open the award (it's a PDF file) and change the personal information (name, date, etc.)
  5. Print!

Anything else I should know?

  • While you can modify the personal information (names, dates, etc.) on the downloaded awards, you can't modify anything else (clipart, font, colors, etc.). Basically, WYSIWYG.
  • There is a section called "blank templates" that allows you to have a little more freedom with the award (they're not set up as specific awards--you customize them).

Good Luck!


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