Monday, February 2, 2009

Quickly Zoom Into Any Screen on Your Computer

Many of you probably remember David Warlick, the speaker who visited our campus last May to talk about 21st Century education. While he had many things to say about the new ways that students learn, one of the things that intrigued a lot of us was his ability to zoom in and out of certain portions of his screen. Many people have asked me how he was able to do that, and the simple reason is because he was using a Mac Computer (I believe it's a built-in Apple feature).

Other than looking very cool, I thought that a feature like this would benefit Queensbury teachers because of the plasma monitors that are in every classroom. Sometimes you want to use them to show your students something, but it's a little tricky for them to make out the detail on the webpage or in the document. So, I set out to find a solution...

That's when I came across ZoomIt. It's a free, downloadable program that you can install on your classroom computer in minutes.

Here are a few screenshots so that you can see what the program does:

It allows you to zoom into the screen:

It allows you to draw on any screen:

To install ZoomIt, follow the steps in this video that I made. It's not that tricky, although you might want to watch it twice before you try--just to make sure it makes sense.

If you're still stuck, send me an e-mail and I'll get it set up for you.

Good Luck!


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